Germany Photos - Rothenburg

A portion of the Castle Gardens.

The Castle Gate looking from inside the castle grounds.
Yes, two separate pictures put together to make the whole view!

A nice scenic view of the town from within the Castle Grounds.

The tunnel entering the town of Rothernberg.
I know not very photogenic is it? heheh

The most photographed sight/road/scene in all of Rothenberg,
so you know I just had to get a picture! :-)

I was told by a local resident, that this sign translates into
“Gods will is not war, President Bush.”

Another boring picture, this time of part of the wall surrounding Rothenberg.

I think this could be a part of the Castle Vineyards, a long time ago! Not sure though.

This was my favorite part of Rothenberg.
The town square, or Marktplatz, as it is called,
has this gorgeous working cuckoo type clock in it!
I sat for 10 minutes watching this!
The little windows, on either side of the clock open up to reveal
little wooden men, sitting around chugging beer. It is adorable!



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