Family Pictures

The Children - Dylan and Donald "Donnie".
They are my husbands brothers.
Dylan (pronounced Dillion), is 7 and Donald (Donnie) is 5 in these photos.

Dylan, 7 on left. Donnie, 5, on right.
November 29, 2004

Donnie and Caitlyn.
Cailtyn is my neighbors little girl. She is 2.
November 30, 2004
NOT my house! lol

Donnie, left, Caitlyn in middle, and Dylan on right.
Crashed out around 10:30pm.
Dec 1, 2004

Dec 1, 2004

Same night as above, but when they were all going strong.
The boys were watching cartoons, and Caitlyn
was just running around the coffee table. LOL
Dec 1, 2004

Paul, Alice, Dylan and Donnie (in the photographers Santa hat).
LOVE his 'smile'
December 14, 2004

Dylan and Donnie at the Mall with Santa.
Donnie is the one holding onto Santa's beard.... Poor Santa!
December 15, 2004

The next few pics were taken March 26, 2005.
The kids have just got thier new glasses
and are ready and willing to show them off! :-)
Dylan in blue shirt, Donnie in red shirt.