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Nov. 1, 2014 - Ok, so I haven't been the greatest about posting stuff here. lol But tonight, and previous nights on the computer, trolling Facebook has finally gotten to me! I swear the human race is at it's all time low. For instance, there was a news story about this little boy, stabbing a guy beating on his mom and sister, horrible, yes...and he doesnt get charged for anything, WHICH I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND....Self defence! Another story though, this older couple in thier 70's, gets robbed at a quick stop store, yet when the old guy who is getting robbed, pulls out a legally concealed weapon and shoots the robber, HE gets charged!! WTF!?! I'm sorry but that isnt right! THEN another story about Atheists getting pissed off because a business of some form held a 9/11 memorial service....WTF!?!? IS THERE NO END TO THIS CRAP!?!?!

Serioulsy..... It's getting to the point I dont even want to get on Facebook anymore!

I dont need the added "drama" that it entails! I have enough of as it is! I'm broke (literally - I have $3.98 to get me till payday, next Thursday), both my cars are busted, all my crap is going to get shut off, and my rent is behind. I dont have heat in my house, and no money to get it turned on! I have MORE THAN ENOUGH STRESS AND DRAMA!

My job is getting bought out by some person I have yet to meet, and I'm not sure what the hell is going to happen after that takes place.....I could still have a job, or I could be wandering the streets looking for a cardboard box to live in..... who knows. I'm at a point in my life where I really wish it would all stop. Too old for this crap. I'm about to give up.....I feel it isnt even worth the effort anymore............



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