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A Bit About Me

Name:: Alice

Nickname(s):: Cricket (my dad named me that)

Online Names:: Lady Alice, Lady WillowShimmer

Location:: Alabama

Birthday:: August 23

Hobbies:: Computers, reading, camping, hiking.

Occupation:: Fire Damage Technician

Marital Status:: Happily Married

Anniversary:: February 14

Favorite Color(s):: Purple and Dark Blue

Favorite Animal:: Oh take a guess! CATS! of course!

Favorite Music:: Country, but do like some of the older Rock n Roll
(old Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath) and the old school Rap
(Sugar Hill Gang, Cypress Hill, etc)

Movies:: Anything romantic! Comedy, some drama, horror, oh heck, I like them all! :-)

Favorite Actor/Actress:: Patrick Stewart/Matthew McConaughey/Sandra Bullock/Julia Roberts

I am 44, married to a great guy since Feb 14 2001, who served in the US Army till Dec. 3 2006!

I am originally from Santa Fe, Texas. Best state in the USA!
(Yes, a bit biased!)

I have one younger sister, Mona, who up until I got married, bugged me to no end.
We had our share of fights while growing up, as all siblings do, but since we both moved away, we are closer now than we ever were, and keep in touch via email and the phone.
I do miss living close to her, but I know that we will again one day!
I Love ya Mona!!

My mom, Hazel A. Jones, Passed away Nov. 4, 2008.
She was my biggest fan and best friend, and I could always count on her to cheer me up!
I Love you and miss you, Mom!

My father, Raymond H. Jones, passed away May 13, 1997, and I still miss him very much. He was a wonderful father and a great man. He taught me the value of friendship, honesty and loyalty.
I Love you and miss you, Dad!

Hubby is originally from New Jersey, and I am from Texas. We met in Tennesse on July 22, 2000, and got married February 14, 2001. In June 2001 we were moved to Germany due to hubby, Paul, being in the Army. That was entertaining.

We were in Germany from June 2001 to July 2004.
I never thought I would miss home as much as I did!
That's one good thing about the military - you do get to see the world!
I enjoyed it very much though. We got to see some awesome old Castles, and for Halloween in 2003, we went to Frakenstein Castle for a big party! Too bad none of the pictures came out right, it was way too dark.    :-(
I have other pictures of my travels in Germany, if you would like to see them, just stroll on over to the Pictures section of my site!

After 3 years in Germany, we finally got to come home to the USA. The Army sent us to Georgia. We were in Georgia from July 2004 - December 2006.

June 2009 - Now we are in Montgomery Alabama. It's a nice place, and I havent met anyone that hasnt been friendly and helpful. The summers can be brutal, and the winters....well let's just say, I stay inside as much as I can! LOL

I talk to my computer. Or more accurately, scream and kick at it (only occasionally)...especially when it doesnt co-operate!
My husband thinks I am totally insane. What can I say to that, except he is right! LOL!

I love meeting new people, talking on the phone, playing RPG's, reading (mostly romance novels), and occasionally, I will write a letter (the hard way using pen and paper - LOL!!!)
Oh! And I LOVE my PSP! (Paint Shop Pro)

I am Wiccan. It's really not as scary as the TV and Movies portray it to be. (such as "The Covenant" - what a screwed up movie that was!). Wiccans love nature. Wicca, or sometimes referred to as Paganism, is the attunement of your self, your energies, to Mother Nature. Our creed is “An Harm Ye None, Do What Thy Will”
If you would like to know more about Wicca, please visit my site Magick Grove.

I do hope you enjoy the things I have put together on my site, and I hope to do alot more updating as the weeks progress.

Please browse around and see all there is to see!
Sign my guestbook if you get a chance, as I love to see those entries, and I will come visit you too!

Thank you! Goddess Bless You!

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